Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sydney Street

Chelsea Farmer's Market

One of my new year's resolutions: Visit Chelsea Farmer's Market more. Just being there makes me happy, maybe it's the quirky vibe in the middle of Starbucks' and perfectly dressed shops of the Kings Road. I'm not sure, but I love it.

Cheeky Boo

One of my favourite places in London. I could spend days in this little corner of heaven, tucked away at the very back of the Farmer's Market. You can either spend your time leafing through the thousands of incredible photography books stacked up in piles all over the shop, or you can indulge your sweet tooth over at the pick n mix section, and if that isn't enough, one of the four walls is covered in shelf after shelf of cigarettes and cigars, Cuban and otherwise. Delightfully different.

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