Saturday, 13 August 2011

One man and a dog

I've come to Ludlow, Shrophire to stay with my granny for a few days and these are a few photos from a walk with my brother and puppy around the castle. The autofocus on my camera decided to break and I didn't notice until after I had taken a lot of these so some of the photos are slightly blurred, but I think it kind of works.

all photos (c) me


After being in love with the whole website for months, I've finally put in my first order with Mikkat Market, and this silk playsuit is just one of the lovely things making their way to me across across the pond. I can't waitt!

Saturday Inspiration

Floppy hats

Boots Boots Boots

Shoes-wise, I seem to wear nothing but boots these days, and would love to add all of these to my collection. I've got Rosie's All Saints ones in grey but now I'm craving the brown tooo...

Stellar Stella

Perfect tailoring from McCartney


Gorgeous dresses from Chloe Resort

White White White

I really am obsessing over all things white this summer, how cool is this study...

Balmain Favourites

Hey Shorty

Five very different but equally great ways of wearing shorts this summer.